Why use a logistics management firm?

Why use a logistics management firm?

17 July 2023

For a growing business, meeting your freight requirements can be overwhelming and time-consuming. If you are looking to maximise efficiency in your business but are spending a lot of time organising your freight, it could be time to enlist an experienced logistics management firm like Logifix to ease this pressure.

The question is, how exactly can this benefit you? Let’s take a moment to consider the advantages of having a logistics management firm care for your freight needs.

1. Complete freight management

A logistics management firm will oversee your freight, from your initial quote through to transportation and, ultimately, a timely delivery. They will have a specialised carrier network to tap into to ensure your rates are personalised to your freight needs. Additionally, solutions are streamlined behind the scenes to optimise the delivery process. A freight management system enables the firm and the customer to quote, manifest and track deliveries, helping you to monitor the freight process end-to-end. Underpinning the management of your freight is a proactive customer service team that can respond to any queries that you may have about your freight, actioning this in a timely manner.

2. Best rates

Part of the role of a logistics management firm is to liaise directly with their carrier network to bring the customer the best rates that not only fit with specific freight requirements, but also offer a cost-effective and reliable solution for freight. A benefit of a logistics management firm is the ability to cater the carriers to a company’s individual requirements, whether it is for small cartons, skids, pallets, over dimensional freight, or even dangerous goods. An annual freight review will guarantee that the customer is receiving the most competitive and current rates with their chosen carriers.

3. Solve any freight issues

Although carriers aim for a smooth and efficient delivery process, we all know that problems do arise. Whether it is an issue with a delivery not arriving, freight mishaps or miscommunications with the carrier, it is imperative that a logistics management firm is solution-focused and can combat such issues swiftly with minimal impact on the customer. Moreover, sometimes deliveries are time-sensitive and the management of this can be quite stressful! A logistics management firm will alleviate that stress and will work with carriers to expedite the freight.

4. Warehousing

Not only can a logistics management firm organise freight from point A to B, but some firms such as Logifix Freight Solutions will also offer third-party warehousing for goods. This is a great solution where storage space is needed and can help to streamline the customer’s freight processes. Furthermore, if goods are kept onsite at the firm’s warehouse, their dedicated warehouse team will process, pick and pack these to ensure they are ready for delivery.

5. Expertise

Ultimately, when looking for a firm to manage your freight, you want to ensure they have experience in all sectors of the supply chain industry. This will give you as the customer peace of mind that your goods are in safe hands with a team that knows the specific requirements when handling these. At Logifix we have over 20 years of supply chain industry experience and we are proficient in managing the freight across many industries. This includes B2B, such as building industries, wholesale supplies, electronics, healthcare and pharmaceutical, as well as B2C e-commerce platform industries, which is essential in a modern age of technology.

At Logifix Freight Solutions, we are committed to providing our customers with cost-effective freight and warehousing solutions. We are passionate about building strong relationships with our suppliers and our customers to ensure the best results. To take the next step in optimising your distribution and supply chain needs, contact us today.


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